We Bee Spelling: Send BTA Students to Cuba!

We Bee Spelling: For BTA is back for Round 2!

Brooklyn Theatre Arts (BTA) and cultural education focused 501(c)3, I AM C.U.L.T.U.R.E.D, are partnering with We Bee Spelling to fundraise for once-in-a-lifetime experience for 12 BTA students! 

What is We Bee SpellingWe Bee Spelling is an interactive comedy show and fundraiser. It takes the nostalgia of a middle school spelling bee, adds a rocking house band, comedian judges from Comedy Central and late night television, and turns a juvenile academic competition into a crazy, hilarious party. Spellers competitively fundraise (sponsor a speller!) and then hit the stage to show off their brain power as we all laugh, dance and party the night away.

JOIN US: We Bee Spelling, May 19 - 7:00-10:00pm, DROM (85 Ave. A, East Village) Donate for tickets!

We are raising funds so we can send BTA students on an immersive learning experience in Cuba! Twelve, 10th graders from the Brooklyn Theatre of Arts High School, will travel to Cuba for 5 days and 4 nights. Their excursion will be filled with informative, interactive, fun site seeing adventures.  The student travelers will document their experience daily throughout their trip with a provided I AM C.U.L.T.U.R.E.D journal. The student travelers will be encouraged to share their written ideas/areas of interest in a nightly forum. This is to help ensure that information has been retained and the memories will last forever. The trip will end with a community service project in Cuba.  

I AM C.U.L.T.U.R.E.D Incorporated (IAC), is a 501(c)(3) registered tax exempt non-profit organization that promotes self-empowerment and an appreciation for cultural richness by exposing teenagers to world travel and five country prep workshops. IAC combines mentorship, travel and community service as tools to inspire student travelers to be compassionate visionary advocates; supporting the way they think, the way they act and the way they interact.

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